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ItalianPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Tuesday at 11:26 PM
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Ciao Thiciane Araรบjo,

Grazie per il tuo suggerimento! Ottima canzone per il condizionale ๐Ÿ‘


Team ItalianPod101.com

Thiciane Araรบjo
Friday at 02:01 AM
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Ciao a tutti! Vi raccomando di ascoltare la canzone "Se Avessi un Cuore" di Annalisa per capire meglio il condizionale.


Jamilet Bryant
Tuesday at 12:46 AM
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:smile: Ciao Ofelia,

Prego (you're welcome) e grazie a te (and thank you).

Capisco adesso ( I now understand).

ItalianPod101.com Verified
Monday at 10:27 PM
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Hi Jamilet Bryant and Beverly A. Gee

Thank you for commenting!

Jamilet's explanation is perfect! :thumbsup: Grazie mille ;)

As for โ€œMi dispiace non poter venireโ€, a more literal translation could be "I am sorry for not coming/for not being able to come", and the difference from โ€œMi dispiace, non posso venireโ€ is that the subject is not specified.

You can say โ€œMi dispiace non poter venireโ€ when you are not responsible at all for not going, because it depends on the circumstances (e.g. someone's weeding party). While you can say โ€œMi dispiace, non posso venireโ€ if it depends on something that directly concerns you (e.g. you have to work).

I hope this can help!

Ciao e a presto


Team ItalianPod101.com

Jamilet Bryant
Sunday at 08:24 PM
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Hello Again Beverly,

The word "verrei" comes from the verb "venire" -- to come, not the verb "volere" -- to want. It is the first person of the "condizionale presente."

Peter's statement, "anche se verrei volentieri" is closer to "and if I could come (venire), I would willingly."

Volentieri is an adverb that means " con piacere" -- with pleasure, gladly, willingly, and is synonymous to "sicuro, certamente" -- certainly, surely. Our English word volunteer comes from the same Latin roots.

Beverly A. Gee
Sunday at 10:33 AM
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Could you please explain to me the word verrei in Peter's second sentence. I thought it would be spelled vorrei. I would also appreciate an explanation of the grammar for f the word volentieri. Thank you so very much for your response!

Jamilet Bryant
Saturday at 10:43 PM
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Why is "I'm sorry I can't come" : "Mi dispiace non poter venire"? Would "Mi dispiace non posso venire" also be correct? Please explain.

ItalianPod101.com Verified
Monday at 01:28 PM
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Ciao Ileana,

very good!

just some quick notes:

" Io gioco a ping pong con te , anche se vorrei fare i compiti"

I= io

play ping pong/ tennis/basketball/soccer = giocare a ping pong/ tennis/ basket/calcio ...

so "Io gioco a ping pong"

"Malgrado" doens't need any preposition;

the verb is "andare al mercato " , so the correct sentence is "malgrado la pioggia, andremo al mercato".

Buono studio,

Chiara C.

Team ItalianPod101.com

Sunday at 05:04 AM
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Mi gioco ping-pong con te, anche se vorrei fare mi compiti. I'll play ping pong with you, even if I would like to do my homework.

Malgrado de la pioggia, andremmo dal mercato. In spite of the rain, we'll go to the market.

ItalianPod101.com Verified
Friday at 05:17 PM
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Hi Edmar,

The first and third sentences are correct. Well done!Just notice andare alla festa in sentence number 3.

The second sentence would be: Sebbene vorrei portare da casa il cibo per il pranzo, potrei mangiare con te al Mc Donald.

We don't have an exact word for the food you cook at home and bring it to work so it needs to be explained.

A presto,


Team ItalianPod101.com