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Lesson Transcript

Marco: All About Italian Lesson 6 – Can You Answer These Five Questions about Italy?
Marco: Hey, everybody, welcome back to All About Italian, the Italian lessons where you get to learn about the real Italy. I'm here in the studio with Laura.
Laura: "Ciao a tutti, bentornati!" In this lesson, we have something special…
Marco: A quiz! Which may have some of you thinking oh no, but don't worry. This will be a fun one.
Laura: We're not going to test out your Italian skills or anything like that yet.
Marco: Nope, these questions are all about Italy itself…society, geography, pop culture, travel… so you can see how much you know about Italy and maybe learn something more!
Laura: "Sì, sì," because learning Italian is much more than just learning a language.
Marco: You learn about people, life, society, all that good stuff.
Laura: If you pass, you can go on to the next lesson!
Marco: And if you don't pass…you can still go on to the next lesson! So, no pressure.
Laura: So, everyone, are you ready?
Marco: All right, let's get started!
Laura: "Cominciamo!" Marco, you'll be the one taking the test!
Marco: Me? Okay, I'll do my best.
Laura: "Bravo," so here's the first question, which is about "geografia," which means "geography."
Marco: I always hated geography at school…
Laura: Marco! Hey, don't make our listeners wait!
Marco: "Ah, sì!" So, the first question we have is…
Laura: How many regions are there in Italy?
A- Sixteen regions; B- Twenty-one regions; C- Twenty regions.
Marco: Mmmm, let me think. Ah, I know this one, twenty!
Laura: "Bravo!" That's correct! Can you tell the name of each of them?
Marco: What?!
Laura: No, no, I'm joking, but you probably know which one is the most populated.
Marco: Yes, that's Lombardia!
Laura: Great! And the biggest region of Italy is…?
Marco: That's "Sicily," "Sicilia!"
Laura: Good job, Marco. Are you ready for a few questions about Italian pop culture?
Marco: A few? What do you mean?
Laura: Actually, they're not really questions like the last ones. This time you have to tell us which character doesn't belong to Italy. For example, if I say Italian fashion designers…
Marco: Oh, fashion!
Laura: Can you tell among the three names that I'm going to say which person is NOT Italian?
Marco: Okay! "Va bene!"
Laura: A- Giorgio Armani; B- Christian Dior; C- Dolce and Gabbana.
Marco: Oh, that's easy! Christian Dior is French!
Laura: "Sì, esatto!" And if we talk about cinema? Who is not an Italian director among the following three people? A- Federico Fellini; B- Roberto Benigni; C- Pedro Almodovar.
Marco: Ah, I saw "La dolce vita" by Fellini and "La vita è bella" by Benigni in Italian, but I can't say the same for Almodovar. He's Spanish!
Laura: Exactly, Marco! One last quick question…who is not Italian among the following singers?
A- Maria Callas; B- Luciano Pavarotti; C- Andrea Bocelli
Marco: Hey, wait a minute! Aren't they all Italians?
Laura: No. There is a Greek among them, who is…
Marco: I'm not sure…
Laura: Maria Callas! Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti are both Italian tenors.
Marco: Oh, I got confused by the name Maria.
Laura: Okay, no problem. Let's move to the next question. It’s about travel.
Marco: I traveled a lot in Italy; I hope this can help.
Laura: He he, we'll see. In which city can we visit the "Colosseo," which is the "Colosseum?" A- Roma; B- Firenze; C- Milano.
Marco: That's easy! The "Colosseo" is in "Rome," in "Roma!"
Laura: True, it's easy, but some people still confuse the cities. Now let's move on. Where can we get on a "gondola"? A- Napoli; B- Venezia; C- Palermo.
Marco: Oh, I got on a "gondola." It was a very nice experience, and I was in "Venice," "Venezia!"
Laura: Perfect! "Perfetto!" The next one is difficult. In it, we talk about sculptures.
Marco: Sculptures? Oh, I don't know that much about that, but let's try. Go ahead!
Laura: Which one of the following sculptures is located in Firenze? A- "David" by Michelangelo; B- "Psyche Revived by Love's Kiss" by Canova; C- "Pietà" by Michelangelo.
Marco: Ah, wait, Michelangelo, Florence…I'm sure I saw "Il David" in "Firenze," so A, "David."
Laura: Wow! That's great, Marco! You know a lot of stuff about Italy, but let's see what you know about the Italian economy. Are you ready?
Marco: Sure, here we go!
Laura: What are the most important economic sectors in Italy? A- Service sector; B- Primary sector (agriculture); C- Secondary sector (industry).
Marco: This one is difficult, but I'd say A, the service sector.
Laura: Yes, Marco, the Italian economy is oriented for the service sector. In 2006, services accounted for two-thirds of the gross national product.
Marco: Oh, I see. I read something about that. Laura, is the quiz over?
Laura: Eh, eh, you are hoping so…
Marco: No, no, I like it!
Laura: Really? So, let's see what you know about Italian society and tradition…
Marco: Oh, I think I'm good at that, I have so many friends in Italy.
Laura: This time you are going to tell me whether the sentence I say is true or false.
Marco: Ah, "vero" or "falso." Okay, I got it.
Laura: Every Italian can prepare handmade pasta and pizza.
Marco: Oh, that's totally false! Italian grandmothers actually are the ones who probably could do it, but I'm sure a majority of Italian people prefer to buy pasta and pizza at the supermarket.
Laura: Sure, you're right! Although some people, like me, love cooking, so I can cook pizza! And also pasta!
Marco: Ah, ah, I see! My Italian friends were saying the same thing!
Laura: So, Marco, here we have the last sentence. Italians eat pasta every day.
Marco: This one is false too! "Falso!" I'd say Italians eat pasta quite often but not every day!
Laura: "Sì," Marco. In the North of Italy, for example, they eat a lot of rice.
Marco: Yes, the "risotto!"
Laura: Now the quiz is finished, but I want to tell to our listeners that this is just the beginning!
Marco: At ItalianPod101.com you can come and share with us any interesting facts you know about Italy!
Laura: Sure! In the comments section on the website at ItalianPod101.com! See you there! "Ciao!"
Marco: Bye-bye everybody! "Ciao a tutti!"