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Lesson Transcript

Desirèe: Hi guys! [Ciao ragazzi!] And welcome to the 10 Phrases You Always Want to Hear.
1. Avevi ragione! You were right!
Hey, why don’t you add some salt? Perché non aggiungi del sale?
Hmm.. I don’t know.
Oh! You were right, it’s really tasteful.
Oh, avevi regione è veramente buono.
2. Ci sarà un bonus alla fine del mese. There'll be a bonus at the end of the month.
So you would be able to buy that dress you really wanted. Or maybe just save some money to travel, if you get a bonus at the end of the month, se hai un bonus all fine del mese…
Save up money.
3. E vinci tu! And you win!
Maybe you're in a group and you're discussing about what to do, after all the suggestions, you are the one who suggested the “right one”, so when everyone are, like, yeah let’s do what you said. Can be E vinci tu! “And you win!” or Hai vinto tu! “And you won.”
4. Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro! You did a great job!
Of course that’s something that everyone would like to hear, maybe just after some exercise, sports exercise, or school. You did a great job! Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro!
If it’s something that you can always apply, yeah, you can always use it.
Ottimo lavoro! Good job!
5. Il budget è illimitato. The budget is unlimited.
If you're buying something and you have an unlimited budget, that’s amazing. You can buy everything ,that’s probably a dream. The budget is unlimited. Il budget è illimitato, sounds so nice.
6. Mi manchi. I miss you.
Mi means “to me”, so to me, you are missing. Basically the meaning is the same, of course, but the verb “mancare” means something is missing, you can do your partner and your family. Everyone will be happy to hear that, I think.
7. Prenditi una pausa. Farò io le pulizie di oggi. Take a break. I'll do the cleaning today.
That’s something really nice, would it ever happen? I hope so, and yeah, think we’ll get there someday. Maybe it’s even nicer to say Prendiamoci una pausa, so “let’s take a break together”, and let’s go somewhere, let’s go on a vacation, e andiamo in vacanza.
8. Sei una cuoca eccellente. You're an excellent cook.
It you want to say that to a boy, it would be Sei un cuoco eccelente.
So eccelente stays the same, but cuoco is for a boy, while cuoca is for a girl.
Everything was delicious, Era tutto delizioso.
Or as kids do, when they’re not talking yet, this is buono, good, it was nice, good to eat. And you turn it.
9. Stai benissimo oggi. You look great today.
So if you're, like, different from the usual, and people they are Oh you look great today, stai benissimo oggi, that’s nice. If you didn’t change anything and people still tell you
You look great today. Stai benissimo oggi, maybe they have something they would like to ask you, or something to be forgiven for. If you want to say “you're really beautiful today”, you can also say Sei bellissima oggi. Or if it's to a boy, say Sei bellissimo oggi.
10. Ti ho portato qualcosa di speciale. I brought you something special.
And then you start to wonder what can it be? Cake, maybe? That’d be nice.
I brought you something special can be maybe a favorite dish, your favorite sweet, your favorite cake, or a present? Would be nice, too.
So you answer Grazie, davvero! Oh Thank you, really!
Oh, non c’era bisogno. Oh, you didn’t have to.
This was it, the 10 Phrases You Always Want to Hear. I hope you enjoy that, I hope you will hear them a lot. If you like to be told something else, please tell me, comment, and remember to subscribe. Ciao ciao! Bye bye!


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Non arrenderti! (don't give up!)


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E vinci tu because I never get told that 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

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Il budget e illimtato .. means budget is unlimited ..

Il budget e limitato .. means budget is limited ?

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Thanks for Desiree videos! They are always awakening and interesting to learn, and so joyful :)

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