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Lesson Transcript

Desirèe: Hi guys! [Ciao ragazzi!] I am Desirèe and today, we are going to learn together ten lines you need for introducing yourself.
[Ho studiato l'italiano per un anno.] - “I’ve been learning Italian for a year”. [Ho studiato l'italiano per...] - “I’d been learning Italian for ..” and then you add the time you’ve been learning Italian for. For example, you can say [Ho studiato l'italiano per un anno.] - “I’d been learning Italian for 1 year” or in my case, for English, it would be [Ho studiato l`inglese per 8 anni.] - “I had been learning English for 8 years.”
[Il mio nome è Desirèe.] - “My name is Desirèe”. [Il mio nome è] - “My name is..” In my case, of course, my name is Desirèe - [Il mio nome è Desirèe.] You can just add your name. You can also say [Mi chiamo..] It means “I am called…”. So yeah [Mi chiamo Desirèe] - “I am called Desirèe”.
[Ciao, è un piacere conoscerti.] - “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” [Ciao, è un piacere conoscerti.] - “Hi it’s nice to meet you.” When, for example, you are inside a big group and you go like one by one introducing yourself, maybe you don’t say every time [un piacere conoscerti] but you just say [piacere] - “pleasure” and it’s okay, it’s nice.
[Vengo dall'Italia.] - “I am from Italy.” [Vengo da..] means “I am from”. For example, “I am from Italy” - [Vengo dall'Italia.] “I am from Dubai” - [Vengo da Dubai.]. So [Vengo da..] you can put the country name or the city/place it’s the same.
[Vivo a Roma.] - “I live in Rome.” [Vivo a...] - “I live in..” [Vivo a Torino.] - “I live in Turin.” [Vivo a Roma.] - “I live in Rome.” “I live in New York” - [Vivo a New York.]. If you want to say the country, just put [in], if you want to put the city, it`s [a]. [Vivo a Torino.], [Vivo in Italia.]
[Sono insegnante.] - “I am a teacher.” [Sono..] and then you say your profession. “I am”, when you are talking about your job. For example [Sono insegnante.] - “I am a teacher” or [Sono un pescatore.] - “I am a fisherman.” Anyway [Sono..] that means “I am”. It’s the way to say what you are doing as a job too or you just say “I am..” and then your profession.
[Ho ventidue anni.] - “I am 22 years old.” [Ho ventidue anni.]. [Ho, numero, anni.] - So, “I am, number, year.” “I am 22 years old.” - [Ho ventidue anni.] In Italian, we don’t say “I am”, but “I have”. So [Io ho] means “I have” and then you put your number of years. So [Io ho ventidue anni] means “I am 22 years old” but literally it is, “I have”.
[Mi piace ascoltare la musica.] - “I enjoy listening to music.” [Mi piace] - “I enjoy/I like”. For example, [Mi piace ascoltare la musica.] - “I like listening to music.” [Mi piace leggere libri.] - “I like reading books.” or [Mi piace molto mangiare.] - “I enjoy eating a lot.”
[Uno dei miei hobby è la lettura.] - “One of my hobbies is reading.” “One of my hobbies is reading” - [Uno dei miei hobby è la lettura.], but you can also say [Uno dei miei hobby è leggere.] So, [leggere] is the verb or [lettura] it’s a noun. You can put both after one of my hobbies - [Uno dei miei hobby è...]
[Sto imparando l'italiano su ItalianPod101.com.] - “I am learning Italian at Italianpod101.com” [Sto imparando l'italiano con Desirèe.] - “I am learning Italian with Desirèe.” [Sto imparando l'italiano da solo.] - “I am learning Italian by myself.” [Sto imparando l'italiano attraverso la televisione.] - “ I am learning Italian through television.” “I am learning Italian listening to music.” - [Sto imparando l'italiano ascoltando canzoni.]
Okay that’s a great way to do that. It was the ten of lines you need for introducing yourself. I hope you enjoyed and you found it useful. Thank you for all your comments. I will read every of them and I am happy I can be useful for you to learn Italian somehow. I hope this video too. So comment if you want to and remember to subscribe. Bye bye [Ciao - Ciao!]