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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com! My name is Ilaria, nice to meet you, or nice to see you again.
Today, we are going to talk about 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Italian.
Just in case you have a new Italian boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you are in Italy and you want to buy something for yourself, you know. So, let's start!
1. computer portatile "laptop"
Non mi piace portare il mio computer portatile a lavoro. "I don't like to carry my laptop with me to work."
2. profumo "perfume"
Suo marito le ha regalato un profumo davvero costoso. "Her husband gave her a very expensive perfume."
Well, in general, perfume is very expensive. You should know the fragrance the person like, I mean, it's very personal gift, in a way. But it's also, usually, a really appreciated gift by women and men. Let's say, for Italian shop, you know the brand of the perfume you want to buy, and you say... Avete il profumo di...?
And you say the name of the perfume. Like, "Do you have the perfume of...?" And you say the name of the brand of the perfume.
Or you can say, "Can It ry the perfume of...?" Potrei provare il profumo di...? And you say the name.
3. libro "book"
Regalare un bel libro è sempre una buona idea. "Giving a good book as a gift is always a good idea."
Which is very true. In Italy, you can find books for pretty much everything, so... even if the person, maybe, not a usual reader, you might find something that's useful, you know. So, definitely, a book is a nice good idea for gift.
4. mappa del globo "world map"
Quando ero a scuola i miei genitori mi hanno regalato una splendida mappa del globo terrestre. "When I was at school, my parents gave me a beautiful world map."
Mappa del globo or mappamondo. In Italian, you can also say mappamondo, and it's actually the same thing.
5. macchina fotografica "camera"
Ho regalato una nuova macchina fotografica a mia sorella per il suo compleanno. "I gave a new camera to my sister for her birthday."
You can also say, like, I want to buy a camera for my sister's birthday, so you say - Vorrei comprare una macchina fotografica per il compleanno di mia sorella.
6. smartphone "smartphone"
L'anno scorso per Natale sono stati comprati molti smartphone. "Last year for Christmas, many smartphones were purchased."
It's actually a very common, nowadays, a very common gift. So, in Italian, you pronounce it... the word is the same, so it's smartphone in Italian, smartphone in English.
So if you find yourself in Italy and you want to buy a smartphone, you can say - Vorrei acquistare uno smartphone. "I'd like to buy a smartphone."
7. console per videogiochi "game console"
Tutti i bambini aspettano di ricevere una console per videogiochi. "All kids expect to receive a game console."
And I can say, not just kids, adults as well.
Game consoles are, I think, now, there is so much technology now in the game consoles that you can pretty much do everything, you know. You can surf the web, you can take them with you when you travel. So it's pretty amazing what you can do, so that's the reason why it's a good way of entertaining yourself, when you travel as well.
8. dizionario "dictionary"
Per il mio compleanno vorrei un dizionario dall'inglese all'italiano. "For my birthday, I'd like an English-Italian dictionary."
Very good idea, especially if you're following ItalianPod1011.com, guys, that's nice.
You can say - Vorrei un dizionario per il mio compleanno. "I'd like a dictionary for my birthday."
9. un volo per l'Italia "a flight to Italy"
Abbiamo deciso di regalarci un volo per l'Italia. "We decided to buy a flight to Italy for us."
Un volo per l'Italia "a flight to Italy"
This is something that you can... Let's say, you're in Italy, if you want to go from Milan to Rome, then you'd say - "I'd like to take a flight to Rome." In Italian, it would be - Vorrei prenotare un biglietto aereo per Roma.
Or, Vorrei prenotare un volo per Roma.
10. mazzo di fiori "bunch of flowers"
Per la prima cena al ristorante regalare un mazzo di fiori è così romantico. "For the first dinner at a restaurant, giving a bunch of flowers is so romantic."
It's very true but flowers are not very romantic anyway.
And with this nice sentence, we've actually reached the end of our lesson. So that's it for now, guys, the Top 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Italian. Thanks very much for listening and watching us, and as always, take care. Bye-bye from Ilaria!