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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to meet you or nice to see you again. Today, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. So let’s start.
1. Biglietto. “ticket.”
Vorrei due biglietti per gli Uffizi, per favore. “Two tickets for the Uffizi Gallery, please.”
This is actually you can apply this phrase to pretty much everything when you need a ticket for something. So let’s say, you want a ticket for a museum, vorrei un biglietto per il museo, per favore. “I would like a ticket for the museum please.”
Vorrei due biglietti per il treno, per favore. I would like a ticket for the train, please, for example. So you can apply this to pretty much everything that you like.
2. Turista. “tourist.”
In piazza della Signoria ci sono sempre centinaia di turisti. “In Signoria Square, there always are hundreds of tourists.”
3. Itinerario. “itinerary.”
Abbiamo studiato un buon itinerario per visitare l'Italia del Sud. “We planned a good itinerary to visit Southern Italy.”
You can also say Abbiamo preparato un itinerario per il nostro viaggio. “We prepared an itinerary for our travel.”
4. Guida turistica. “guidebook.”
Preferisco usare Internet per consultare le guide turistiche in pdf. “I prefer using the Internet to read PDFs of guidebooks.”
It is very interesting because you can actually print as well the guidebooks and take it to you when you travel and instead of maybe you know buying proper guidebooks, you know, you can choose what you like to see and so it’s a bit different.
5. Autobus turistico. “tour bus.”
Prenotando l'autobus turistico andremo ad Assisi e Perugia. “By booking a tour bus, we'll go to Assisi and Perugia.”
You can also say, I mean, when you arrive at an airport, let’s say, and you are looking for a tour bus or tour bus services where in the city where you’re traveling in. So you can actually go to the tourist desk and say, C'è un tour bus? They can understand also if you say tour bus in Italian, but of course, if you say - C'è un autobus turistico? “Is there a tour bus?” you know, or C'è un servizio per i turisti? “Is there a service for tourists?” with a bus you know. So you can use a lot of different words.
6. Tempio. “temple.”
Sto per andare a vedere i templi della valle di Agrigento in Sicilia. “I'm going to see the temples of Agrigento Valley in Sicily.”
I’ve never been there but I know that they are really, really beautiful. So if you have time to go to Agrigento when you visit Sicilia, you can’t miss this part. It’s really, really nice one. There is a lot of history there.
7. Moschea. “mosque.”
Stanno inaugurando una nuova moschea nella nostra città. “They are inaugurating a new mosque in our town.”
8. Chiesa. “church.”
I gruppi di turisti possono visitare le chiese quando non ci sono messe. “Groups of tourists can visit churches when there isn't mass.”
9. Cascata. “waterfall.”
Nel centro Italia c'è la splendida cascata delle Marmore. “In the Central Italy, there's the wonderful Marmore waterfall.”
And it’s actually pretty spectacular too.
10. Visitare. “to visit.”
Ci piace visitare i paesini del centro Italia. “We love visiting the small towns in Central Italy.”
We actually reached the end of our lesson. So thanks for listening. So bye from ItalianPod101.com next time and always take care. Bye from Ilaria, take care. Bye-bye!