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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. Today, we are going to talk about a very delicate topic. The Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use. So let’s start.
1. È disgustoso! “It’s disgusting!”
You can also use the word which is less formal than disgustoso, Non mi piace! “I don’t like it!” simply. You don’t have to say, it’s disgusting. You can say, I am sorry. I don’t like it. So that would be Mi dispiace ma non mi piace which is definitely better than È disgustoso!
2. Il mio paese è migliore. “My country is better.”
So this is actually a kind of patriotism I think that you shouldn’t have when you are around the world. I mean because you should be, like, open-minded, you know, and open to new culture and things like that. So, it’s better not to say this.
3. Sta' zitto! “Shut up!”
You can say also Fa' silenzio! Which is the same but seen of course as not something nice. I mean, you can say that to your children for instance you know if they make a lot of noise, you know, you can say Fa' silenzio or Sta' zitto! Or Basta! Which is like “stop” but of course, it’s not nice to say this to someone, you know that you don’t know actually but even to people that you know.
4. Non sono molto interessato alla vostra cultura. “I'm not very interested in your culture.”
It’s better maybe you know to say that you prefer other cultures rather than say, I don’t like your culture, you know.
5. Non mi piace conoscere nuove persone. “I don't like meeting new people.”
Which is actually impossible if you travel. So, it’s you know the same thing. I mean, if you are open-minded when you travel because you should be in order you know to tolerate as well differences you know because the word is, it’s so – there is such a variety and that actually is also why it’s so beautiful.
6. Andiamo a mangiare solo da McDonald's. “Let's just eat at McDonald's.”
Of course, I mean if you travel around the world, you are supposed to try things which are different from your ordinary things you know.
7. Questo ha un sapore teribile. “This tastes awful.”
Instead of saying this, you can say, “I am sorry but I don’t like it.” So you would still be Mi dispiace ma non mi piace.
8. Ho intenzione di passare la giornata in albergo. “I'm going to spend the day in the hotel.”
9. Questo è stupido. “This is stupid.”
Yeah, I mean still remember that those are the words that you should not use, should never use. You learn them you know and then not to use them.
10. Voi siete incivili. “You people are uncivilized.”
So remember these words please and not use them when you are traveling around the world guys, okay. Thanks very much for listening. Those were the Top 10 Words Tourists Should Never Use. Nice to see you guys. Take care, next time. Always take care. Bye bye. Bye bye.