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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to see you or nice to meet you. Today, we are going to talk about The Top 10 Phrases to Know When Having a Baby, a very special moment. In Italian, we would say un momento molto speciale, “a very special moment.” So let’s start.
1. Allattare al seno. “to breastfeed.”
Le mamme si svegliano anche di notte per allattare al seno. “Moms wake up even during the night to breastfeed.”
Actually I think a new born, it should be, breastfeed every couple of hours I think they need to. It’s a hard job to be a new mom and a new dad.
2. Cambiare un pannolino. “to change a diaper.”
Forse ho bisogno di lezioni per cambiare pannolini. “Maybe I need to take a class on changing diapers.”
Changing diapers is not very easy. You can also say, E' difficile cambiare il pannolino. “It’s difficult to change diaper.”
3. Mettere un bavaglino. “to put on a bib.”
Non cominciare a dare la pappa al bimbo prima di mettergli il bavaglino. “Don't start giving the baby food before putting the bib on him.”
The bib is very important because kids, they get dirty very easily. So, it is very important to put on a bib. Mettere un bavaglino.
4. Cambiare i vestiti. “to change clothes.”
Mio marito ha un po' paura a cambiare i vestiti del nostro bambino. “My husband is a bit scared of changing our baby's clothes.”
That’s because babies are so small you know and it seems that you might break them if you touch them you know but it’s not really true. Even though they seem to be, they are quite strong you know. I mean, of course not like you know a grown up but they are still quite flexible and it’s something that you actually learn when you actually find yourself to change your baby you know for the first time.
5. Cantare una ninna nanna. “to sing a lullaby.”
Ricordo ancora la mamma cantare la ninna nanna alla mia sorellina. “I can still remember my mum singing a lullaby to my younger sister.”
I personally don’t have younger sister but I can remember my mom and my granny as well singing to me lullabies and I used to love them really.
6. Acquistare un seggiolino per auto. “to buy a car seat.”
Dobbiamo acquistare un seggiolino per auto per la sicurezza dei nostri figli. “We have to buy a car seat for our children's safety.”
7. Nutrire. “to feed.”
Nutrire con cura i bambini è una resposabilità degli adulti. “Feeding children with care is a responsibility of adults.”
It’s true. It’s a responsibility of adults. Definitely it is. You can also say like in a more generic way that the food is very important, you know the way that you actually feed yourself is very important. Like in Italian, you can say, Il cibo e' molto importante.
You can also say, la qualità del cibo, e' molto importante.
8. Spingere un passeggino. “to push a stroller.”
Mia figlia non dorme se non spingo a lungo il passeggino. “My baby doesn't sleep if I don't push the stroller for a long time.”
I mean a lot of kids loves to fall asleep on their stroller. And it’s because also the movement you know, the movement and it does help actually to fall asleep you know and this is actually very true for a very large number of kids actually.
9. Leggere un libro. “to read a book.”
Crediamo che leggere ogni giorno un libro con i bambini sia importante. “We believe that reading a book with the kids every day is important.”
Which is very true. I mean reading books is important in general. So you can also say leggere i libri con i bambini e' molto utile. “It’s very useful to read books with kids.”
10. Fare il bagnetto. “to bathe.”
Andiamo a fare il bagnetto della sera! “Let's take a bath for the night!”
And with this nice sentence, we actually reached the end of our lesson, Top 10 Phrases to Know When Having a Baby.
That’s it for now from Ilaria and ItalianPod101.com, see you next time. Bye bye guys, take care.