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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to see you or nice to meet you. Well, today, we are going to talk about love. The 10 Most Romantic Ideas for a Date in Italian, one of the most romantic languages in the world not because it’s my language. Yeah, anyway, so let’s start guys.
1. Cena a lume di candela. “candlelit dinner.”
Per San Valentino, non c'è niente di più romantico che una cena a lume di candela. “On Valentine's Day, there's nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner.”
Candlelit dinners are very special times for couples you know for people that they love each other, you know. It does create actually a very romantic atmosphere. So, it’s just perfect thing to celebrate the love especially during the Love Day, Valentine’s Day.
2. Andare a fare una lunga passeggiata. “to go for a long walk.”
Adoro andare a fare una lunga passeggiata vicino al mare con la mia fidanzata. “I love going for a long walk by the sea with my fiancé.”
And if you want like to ask like a girl to get.. you know, to go for a stroll, for a walk with her, you can say, Vuoi fare una passeggiata con me? Which means, “would you like to go for a walk with me?” So Vuoi andare a fare una passeggiata con me?
3. Andare all'opera. “to go to the opera.”
Mi piacerebbe andare all'opera con te sabato sera. “I'd like to go to the opera with you on Saturday night.”
4. Andare allo zoo. “to go to the zoo.”
Ho accompagnato il mio ragazzo allo zoo a vedere i panda. “I went with my boyfriend to the zoo to see the pandas.”
5. Fare un picnic. “to have a picnic.”
Vorremmo fare un pic nic in montagna nel prossimo fine settimana. “We would like to have a picnic on a mountain next weekend.”
Picnics are also very romantic because a picnic actually involves also that you prepare the food for the person or you can – you might be preparing the food together which makes it more special, you know. Maybe you are the boyfriend or potential partner and you want to prepare the food and you want to surprise her. So you say, Andiamo a fare un picnic? Which means like, “would you like to go for a picnic?” And when you actually get there, you know, you prepare your food and she will be like very delighted about this.
6. Cenare e vedere un film. “to have dinner and see a movie.”
Cenare e vedere un film con te è la ricetta per una serata perfetta. “Having dinner and seeing a movie with you is the recipe for a perfect night.”
Something very sweet to say.
7. Fare un giro in traghetto. “to take a ferry ride.”
Per la luna di miele faremo un giro in traghetto lungo tutto la laguna di Venezia. “For the honeymoon, we will take a ferry ride down along the entire Venice lagoon.”
Spot on idea. By the way, also Amalfi Coast, it should be something really nice to see for a honeymoon and Garda Lake as well or Como Lake if you have never been there. They are really, really nice and romantic places also because of the nature and the buildings. So it is like a combination of very nice things.
8. Camminare sulla spiaggia. “to walk on the beach.”
La sera ci piace camminare sulla spiaggia guardando il tramonto. “In the evenings, we like to walk on the beach watching the sunset.”
So sunset is something truly amazing especially because of its colors you know because the sky really becomes like full of colors during the sunset. So if you imagine you know the scene of you and your loved one and you know just staring at this amazing sky is pretty romantic.
9. Frequentare un corso di ceramica. “to take a pottery class.”
Ho conosciuto mia moglie frequentando un corso di ceramica. “I met my wife taking a pottery class.”
Or if you met her for instance in the supermarket, you say, Ho conosciuto mia moglie andando al supermercato or I don’t know.
I met my wife let’s say during my way to work. You know, you say, Ho conosciuto mia moglie mentre stavo andando a lavoro.
10. Aandare al museo. “to go to the museum.”
Vorrei invitarti ad andare insieme al museo. Ti va? “I'd like to invite you to go to the museum. Would you (like to go)?”
You can use vorrei invitarti, “I would like to invite you” for many different contexts you know like vorrei invitarti al cinema. “I’d like to invite you to the cinema.” Or also “I’d like to invite you for a walk.” Vorrei invitarti a fare una passeggiata. Ti va? “would you like to?”
So you can actually use this phrase vorrei invitarti and combine it for the different context that you want really. And with this very nice sentences, we reached the end of our lesson. Thank you very much guys for listening as usual. Thank you very much. Take care guys. Bye bye! The next time. Bye!