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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to see you or nice to meet you. Today, we are going to talk about travel. So the Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Travel. Of course, in my language in Italian. So let’s start.
1. Scegliere la tua destinazione. “to choose your destination.”
Io e le mie amiche abbiamo scelto la nostra destinazione per il prossimo viaggio. “My friends and I chose our destination for the next trip.”
I love to travel with my girlfriends and it is just one of the best thing ever. You know and I like to organize. I maybe like more to organize than you know, the travel itself or this kind of feeling that you are getting ready to go somewhere new with your friends, you know.
2. Risparmiare denaro. “to save money.”
Per il viaggio dei miei sogni ho bisogno di risparmiare denaro. “For my dream trip, I need to save money.”
Of course, I mean, you need money to travel. You can also do some very nice voluntary travel and so you don’t have to like to spend lots of money but you still do something really nice for the other people. You know what I mean.
3. Prenotare un volo. “to book a flight.”
Hai già prenotato il volo del ritorno? “Have you already booked your return flight?”
You can also say, if you need to book a flight for instance, you know, Devo prenotare un volo. “I have to book for a flight.”
Devo prenotare un volo and then you can say your destination. For instance, Rome. Devo prenotare un volo per Roma.
4. Fare una ricerca sui prezzi. “to research the costs.”
Mio marito ha fatto un'accurata ricerca sui prezzi londinesi. “My husband has carefully researched the costs in London.”
You can actually also save money if you get to know – you just research places and things you know. Use vouchers and things like that. I mean, discounts you know. You can easily spend less money if you try to research for the best costs you know, the best offers basically.
5. Chiedere le ferie. “to request vacation time.”
Non si può partire senza chiedere le ferie in anticipo. “We can't leave without requesting vacation time in advance.”
Chiedere le ferie, ferie is the word that define their holiday time, ferie.
6. Prenotare la sistemazione. “to book accommodations.”
Se viaggio con i bambini è fondamentale prenotare la giusta sistemazione. “If I travel with children, it is essential to book the right accommodation.”
If you are parents, I bet you did that.
7. Ottenere una patente di guida internazionale. “to obtain an international driving license.”
Non so ancora come ottenere una patente di guida internazionale. “I still don't know how to obtain an international driving license.”
You can – Actually I think that you can – in European countries, you can use the same one but of course if you want to drive outside Europe, you might need an international driving license.
8. Rinnovare il tuo passaporto. “to renew your passport.”
Hai rinnovato il tuo passaporto per andare in Asia? “Have you renewed your passport to go to Asia?”
Be careful about this detail.
9. Acquistare l'assicurazione di viaggio. “to buy travel insurance.”
Non dimenticate di acquistare l'assicurazione di viaggio, ragazzi! “Don't forget to buy travel insurance, guys!”
If you are especially going for a long trip, many also travel agencies, they suggest you to do something like that because you are covered in case of any kind of thing happening, you know. So bear in mind this point.
10. Ottenere un visto. “to get a visa.”
I cittadini europei non hanno bisogno di ottenere un visto per spostarsi in Europa. “European citizens don't need to get a visa to move in Europe.”
That’s the reason why I told you before about driving license. I don’t think that is necessary in Europe itself. Outside Europe, of course. So anyway, but you’ll ask anyway. I mean, when you actually book a travel, you might know exactly if you need a visa to get to that place or not.
So I hope these kind of sentences, they were useful to you guys and now we actually reached the end of our lesson on ItalianPod101.com, here is Ilaria. Thanks again. Take care always. Bye guys, Bye-bye!