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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com, my name is Ilaria. Nice to meet you or nice to see you again. I am sorry. It is my dog. Well, today, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Attractions in Italy. I am quite happy about this lesson because I love Italy as a holiday, I mean it is my country but it is also very famous because of this variety of touristic attractions. So very happy to start this lesson guys. So let’s see.
1. Capri “Capri”
L'estate scorsa ho visitato l'isola di Capri. “Last summer, I was on Capri island.”
So this is not exactly my case. I haven’t been to Capri but I have been to Naples and I can tell you that it’s an amazing city. There was one famous actor, Italian actor that used to say that Naples was like an open theatre because it’s so unique you know. So if you’ve never been to the South of Italy, Naples and the Amalfi Coast with Capri Island is definitely something that I suggest you to do.
2. Cinque Terre “Cinque Terre”
Se vai in Liguria non perdere le Cinque Terre! “If you go to Liguria, don't miss Cinque Terre.”
Cinque Terre is a very famous part of Liguria and there are actually many places that are part of what is called Cinque Terre. So if you’ve never been to Liguria, it is a very small region but very – with a lot of natural environment. So I just suggest you to go there.
3. Colosseo “Colosseum”
Il Colosseo recentemente ha subito un importante restauro. “Recently, the Colosseum went through an important restoration.”
By the way, I’ve been just to Rome a couple of months ago I think and it has been like, still, at that place, you can breathe the history and it is just amazing.
4. Costiera amalfitana “Amalfi Coast”
Navigare lungo la costiera amalfitana è così romantico... “Sailing along the Amalfi Coast is so romantic...”
By the way, my mom, she had first honeymoon in “Amalfi Coast” and many people decide to go there for their honeymoon because it’s truly romantic.
5. Fori Romani “Roman Forum”
Dovremmo prenotare per visitare i Fori Romani ed evitare una lunga fila. “We should make a reservation to visit the Roman Forum and avoid a long queue.”
So Roman Forum definitely is something a must see in Rome if you happen to be there. You have to book your ticket because as it’s true that if you... you might get stuck in a queue and losing lots of time. So better to make a reservation because it’s a must see place.
6. Pantheon “Pantheon”
Amo guardare il cielo attraverso la cupola del Pantheon. “I love looking at the sky through the Pantheon dome.”
I’ve done that when I’ve been to Rome as I told you before. So I’ve been inside the Pantheon. There is no like lot of queue and it’s free. So it’s definitely a must see place.
7. Piazza San Pietro “St. Peter's Square”
Il mercoledì e la domenica mattina, Piazza San Pietro è piena di fedeli. “On Wednesday and Sunday morning, St. Peter's Square is full of believers.”
Very famous, St. Peter’s Square, very famous, very beautiful. The architecture is just surprising really. It is. So, it is a very big space and it’s so meticulously done. It’s unbelievable really.
8. Pompei “Pompeii”
Il vulcano Vesuvio ha fermato la vita di Pompei per sempre. “The Vesuvius volcano has stopped Pompeii's life for ever.”
9. Torre di Pisa “Tower of Pisa”
Trovo incredibile come la Torre di Pisa stia ancora in piedi. “I think it's incredible how the Tower of Pisa still remains standing.”
So this is actually – I think that this is everyone’s thought about the Tower of Pisa. That’s unbelievable really. I’ve been there as well. So pretty amazing to see. Life!
10. Venezia “Venice”
Il mio sogno è andare a Venezia per il Carnevale. “My dream is going to Venice for Carnival.”
Amazing! I’ve never been there for the carnival. I have been to Venice not during the Carnival period but there must be really something amazing because of all the costumes and everything just respects the tradition. So something I believe truly amazing to see.
We actually reached the end of our lesson guys on ItalianPod101.com, here is Ilaria again. So thanks very much for listening. We are always here to know what you like to know in our nice Italian language. Thank you guys and you all have a nice day. Take care. Bye-bye!