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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to meet you or nice to see you again.
Today, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Phrases Your Parents Always Say. So it’s something that for instance, if you go on holidays in Italy, you will hear a lot of parents saying these kind of words, exactly these words to their kids. Let’s start.
1. Stai attento. “Be careful.”
Stai attento is pretty much used for everything you know. For instance, when a kid starts to run and parents say, stai attento, you know to bear in mind that you know, you have to be careful of what you do.
2. Fa' silenzio. “Be quiet.”
Or you can also say Fa' silenzio or also Sta’ tranquillo!
3. Comportati bene. “Behave yourself.”
Comportati bene is like “behave yourself” you know. Comportati bene.
4. Fa' i tuoi compiti! “Do your homework!”
5. Va' a letto. “Go to bed.”
6. Sto per contare fino a tre. “I'm going to count to three.”
Okay. This is something that pretty much every kids hear from the parents is when you know for example, they ask you to do something or you know, they give you like the time you know. So you basically don’t have time. You have to do what they say. And so this is the way sto per contare fino a tre, I am going to count to three. You know one, two, three is very, very quick. So it basically means that you better listen to them.
7. Fermo. “Stop.”
You know, as you know when you are doing something which is not good or for instance, the kid is running very fast, you know and you want to say “stop”, you know, you say, Fermo! Or Ferma!. Ferma is a female version of it.
8. Cosa hai detto? “What did you say?”
A very common question that you can use in very different situation. Cosa hai detto? For instance, when you don’t understand. When someone is talking about something, you know, you don’t understand and you say, what are you talking about? You know, I don’t understand. Not really much like, I mean not like Cosa stai dicendo. It’s like more to say, can you repeat please you know.
9. Non sto scherzando. “I'm not kidding.”
You can also say I am not joking, of course and it’s pretty much the same when parents say, non sto scherzando you know. You better take me seriously. You know, this is pretty much the meaning.
10. Spegni il televisore ora. “Turn the TV off now.”
Something very common again that happened but you know, as a kid, you’d just hear from the parents. So it is very nice and caring thought.
We actually reached the end of our lesson guys. Thanks very much for listening and always take care. Please ask as many questions as you like to and we try to answer to you all. Thanks very much again for listening and for watching us. Take care. Always blessed. Bye bye!