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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to see you or nice to meet you again. Today, we are going to talk about the top 10 must-know vocabulary for the restaurant. It’s actually a very important topic especially if you get to Italy for your holiday or for a business travel, whatever it is really. So let’s start!
1. cameriere “waiter”
Non riesco a vedere il cameriere. Dov'è? “I can't see the waiter. Where is he?”
Or you can also say, ‘Dove è il cameriere?’ “Where is the waiter?”.
2. cameriera “waitress”
Quella cameriera è molto gentile. “That waitress is very nice.”
Waiter is male and waitress is female so “waiter” is cameriere and “waitress” is cameriera.
3. menù “menu”
Posso avere il menù, per favore? “Can I have the menu, please?”
So basically, just change the accent because in English, you say “menu” and in italian you say, ‘menù’. It’s like a bit of a French word.
4. ordine “order”
I signori sono pronti per l'ordine? “Are you ready to order, gentlemen?”
So this is a typical phrase that waiter or waitress can ask you when you are in Italy, “Are you ready for an order?”, “Are you ready to order?”, sorry. Or they can also say if you are like a lot of people, the waitress or the waiter can also say, ‘Siete pronti per l’ordine?”. That means like “Are you ready to order?”, without the gentleman like they usually say, ‘Siete pronti per ordinare?’ “Are you ready to order?”.
5. acqua “water”
Vorrei una bottiglia di acqua frizzante. “I'd like a bottle of sparkling water.”
So acqua frizzante is “sparkling water”. Acqua naturale is “mineral water”.
6. dolce “dessert”
Non voglio esagerare mangiando anche il dolce. “I don't want to overdo it by having a dessert too.”
You can also use dessert in Italian as well. Let’s say, if you like to know which kind of desserts they have in a restaurant, you can say, ‘Quali dolci avete?’ “Which kind of desserts do you have?”.
7. cuoco “chef”
Il cuoco oggi si è superato! “The chef outdid himself today!”
Which means that in like a spectacular dinner or lunch or you did prepare an amazing food, and you can also use the word “chef” in Italian as well.
8. fast food “fast food”
In Italia si preferisce lo slow food al fast food. In Italy, we prefer, I can say, slow food to fast food.
And that’s actually very true, or you can also say, ‘Le persone in Italia non amano il fast food.’ like “People in Italy don’t love fast food.”
9. ristorante “restaurant”
Questo ristorante ha ricevuto molte stelle. “This restaurant has been given many stars.”
So that means that if you go to eat something in that restaurant, you should like to eat the proper food like a very high quality food.
10. delizioso “delicious”
Le lasagne alla bolognese erano deliziose! “The lasagna alla bolognese was delicious!”
With this nice sentence, we actually reached the end of our lesson guys. Thanks very much as usual for listening. Please comment, subscribe, tell us what you want to hear in our amazing, nice, Italian language. I’m a bit lost in translation today by the way so thanks very much. We will talk soon, take care always. Bye-bye! From ItalianPod101.com, Ilaria, ciao!