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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria, nice meet you or nice to see you again. Today, we’re going to talk about the 15 must-know family words, of course in Italian. So let’s start!
1. famiglia “family”
Ho una famiglia numerosa tipicamente italiana. “I have a typical, big, Italian family.”
So as you know, Italian families are quite big and you actually notice this when they get along together during Christmas time or very special times and you can see like 30, 40, 50 people together, so it’s very nice.
2. padre “father”
Mio padre ha 60 anni. “My father is 60 years old.”
Well actually, my dad is a bit younger than that. He’s like 57 years old.
3. marito “husband”
Suo marito è davvero simpatico. “Her husband is really funny.”
You can also say, ‘Suo marito è davvero gentile.’ “Your husband is really kind.”
4. figlio “son”
Mio figlio ha appena compiuto 18 anni, è un adulto. “My son has just turned 18; he's an adult.”
Because, you know, 18 years old is when basically you can get your driver’s license. You are an adult in a way that you can get different kind of responsibilities, and in Italy, is when you get like 18 years old.
5. fratello “brother”
Ho chiamato mio fratello per organizzare una festa a sorpresa per papà. “I called my brother to organize a surprise party for my Dad.”
6. zio “uncle”
Lo zio paterno è il fratello di tuo padre. “A paternal uncle is the brother of your father.”
7. nonno “grandfather”
Nostro nonno vuole ancora guidare l'auto. “Our grandfather still wants to drive the car.”
8. suocero “father-in-law”
Suo suocero è molto gentile con tutti. “Her father-in-law is nice to everybody.”
9. madre “mother”
Mia madre sta frequentando un corso di yoga. “My mother is taking yoga lessons.”
Well actually my mom, she does take tai chi lessons so, ‘Mia madre sta frequentando un corso di tai chi.’
10. figlia “daughter”
Dovreste dire a vostra figlia che deve studiare di più. “You should say to your daughter that she has to study more.”
This is something that if you go with someone, I mean a daughter or son going to school, it can happen that maybe professors, they come and they’ll say that your daughter or your son needs to study more. So when the case is a daughter so you say, ‘Sua figlia dovrebbe studiare de più.’ And the male version like for a son is, ‘Sua figlio dovrebbe studiare di più.’
11. sorella “sister”
Tra sorelle ci si capisce subito. “Sisters understand each other quickly.”
12. moglie “wife”
Sua moglie non è felice del suo nuovo lavoro. “His wife is not happy about his new job.”
If she’s happy, you say, ‘Sua moglie è felice per il nuovo lavoro.’, so your wife is happy for the new job.
13. suocera “mother-in-law”
La suocera è sempre pronta a giudicare. “The mother-in-law is always ready to judge.”
This is I think a common thing all over the world. This is not my case really, but this is just very common. Mother-in-law, they usually do.
14. nonna “grandmother”
La loro nonna sa preparare delle torte buonissime. “Their grandmother can bake delicious cakes.”
And by the way, I really love cakes.
15. compagno “partner”
Vivo da 3 anni con il mio compagno. “It's been 3 years since I started living with my partner.”
Thanks very much for listening. Please subscribe, comment, tell us what you want to hear in Italian language so we actually reached the end of our lesson and I thank you very much as usual for listening to us. Keep in touch, take care always guys. Bye-bye!