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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria, nice to meet you and today we’re going to talk about 10 must-know math words. Well, actually this subject is quite difficult for me. I wasn’t really great at school in math really, although, I’ve been studying in a science school and I always prefer really a science subject like biology, chemistry and things like that, not really math, so...
1. matematica “math”
Da bambina ho sempre odiato la matematica.
“When I was a child, I always hated math.”
So this is what I was talking about before. It’s a kind of not really welcomed subject, you know, when you are a child. It’s quite rare to find children who would really, really enjoy studying math because there is a lot of discipline and a lot of things that actually, you know, for a child, sometimes are a bit too much anyway.
2. per cento “percent”
Calcoliamo il 30 per cento di 100. “Let's calculate 30 percent of 100.”
3. pari “even”
4, 6 e 8 sono numeri pari. “4, 6, and 8 are even numbers.”
Also 10, 12, 14, dieci, dodici, quattordici are even numbers.
4. dispari “odd”
5, 7 e 11 sono numeri dispari. “5, 7, and 11 are odd numbers.”
As 13, tredici, 15, 17, you see my math skills? It just go and come back.
5. calcolare “to calculate”
Possiamo calcolare il risultato dell'operazione. “We can calculate the result of the operation.”
6. più “plus”
Quanto fa 17 più 63? “What is 17 plus 63?”
Actually, I think it’s 80, 90? I have no idea. Ottanta, novanta?
7. meno “minus”
45 meno 25 fa 20. “45 minus 25 equals 20.”
8. per “times”
It’s a multiplication.
9 per 8 è uguale a 72. “9 times 8 equals 72.”
We use per as a multiplication, so you can say, due per tre (2x3), quattro per cinque (4x5), you know, and you use the per as a word, basically, to identify the multiplication.
9. dividere “to divide”
28 diviso 7 è uguale a 4. “28 divided by 7 equals 4.”
10. quarto “fourth”
Quant'è un quarto di 20? “What is one-fourth of 20?”
And with this little part of math, we actually reached the end of our lesson guys. Thanks very much for watching us as usual. Please subscribe, watch our next video, of course, and give us some tips of what you want to know in our lovely Italian language. Bye-bye! Thank you!