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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria, nice to meet you, and today, we’re going to talk about the 20 travel phrases you should know. So something quite usual it happens that, for instance, you’re going to travel in my country in Italy. So let’s start!
1. Potrei avere una mappa? “Could I get a map?”
It’s actually something really useful especially if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where you are and you want to ask someone for help. Let’s say you’re going to a local shop and you say, Potrei avere una mappa?
2. Parla inglese? “Do you speak English?”
Another useful phrase is ‘Parla inglese?’ “Do you speak English?”. This is something really, really useful when you are abroad and you want to know if someone speaks English and you say, ‘Parla inglese?’.
3. C'è un autobus dall'aeroporto alla città? “Is there a bus from the airport to the city?”
This is specifically from the airport to the city so dall'aeroporto alla città “from the airport to the city”.
4. Dov'è la stazione? “Where is the train station?”
So in this case, ‘Dov'è la stazione?’, is a bit generic in Italian because you can say, “Where is the train station?”, which is, ‘Dov'è la stazione dei treni?’, but you can also say, Dov'è la stazione del bus? “Where is the Alto bus station?”. You should be like specific there because people there might ask you, “Which station are you looking for, train station or bus station?”, because they are quite different. Sometimes, they’re in different places in Italy.
5. Mi scusi, qual è la tariffa? “Excuse me, what's the fare?”
You can also say, Mi scusi, quanto costa?
6. È questo l'autobus giusto per l'aeroporto? “Is this the right bus for the airport?”
You can also say this with trains, with any kind of public transport really. And also, È questo il treno giusto per l'aeroporto?
7. La connessione Wi-Fi è gratuita? “Is the Wi-Fi free?”
Then you can check your maps, watch for public transport yourself. You can also say, ‘Avete Wi-Fi?’, which is actually pretty much the same. They will understand what you’re talking about.
8. Ha qualche posto libero per stasera? “Do you have any vacancies tonight?”
In this case, you are talking about hotel rooms or any kind of place where you can spend the night when you’re abroad at a hotel or a B&B or an apartment. And you can actually say, Avete qualche posto libero?
9. Potrei spostarmi in una camera diversa? “Could I move to a different room?”
So let’s say, you just find a hotel, but they give you like a very small room and you need more things and you can just say, Avete un’altra camera? They will understand that you want to change your room basically.
10. Ho prenotato. “I have a reservation.”
So basically when you say, ‘Ho prenonato.’, it means that you have booked.
11. Potremmo avere il menu, per favore? “Could we have the menu, please?”
So this is about the food. In English you say, “Could we have the menu, please?”, and so in Italian you say, ‘Potremmo avere il menu, per favore?’. Potremmo if you are like lots of people, but if you are by yourself, you say, ‘Potrei avere il menu, per favore?’, and they will understand exactly what you’re talking about.
12. Potrei avere il conto? “Could I have the check?”
The check is the bill. You’re finish to eat and you want to know how much the amount that you have to pay for, so you say, ‘Potrei avere il conto, per favore?’
13. Sono allergico alle arachidi. “I’m allergic to peanuts.”
This is very important especially for allergic to some food to avoid any problems when you’re around for your holidays and this is actually a very good example when you say, sono allergico. Allergico means that you have an allergy so you’re not able to get this food. So sono allergico alle arachidi, sono allergico al gluten which means like “I’m allergic to gluten” for instance, you know, and so on.
14. Acqua, per favore. “Water, please.”
15. Quanto costa? “How much is this?”
Also you can say, ‘Mi potrebbe dire quanto costa, per favore?’, which means like, “Could I know how much is that, please?”.
16. Ne vorrei 10 di questi. “I'd like ten of these.”
Which is like, let’s say, you saw something and you want to know just the quantity, you want more than one. And you say, Ne vorrei; ‘Ne vorrei uno.’ like “I want one”, ‘Ne vorrei due.’ “I want two.”, and so on. And let’s say in this case it’s, Ne vorrei dieci.
17. Vorrei questo. “I'd like this.”
There is just one particular thing that just grabbed your attention and you say, “I want this” Vorrei questo.
18. Potrebbe farmi uno sconto? “Could you give me a discount?”
So this is quite important especially if you get around quite often and you want to have discounts on things. Let’s say you buy like a bunch of things and you want a discount from the seller and you say, Posso avere lo sconto, per favore?
19. Accettate la carta di credito? “Do you take credit card?”
20. Potrebbe farmi una foto per favore? “Could you take a picture of me please?”
That might be happening, you are in front of a very important monument and you want someone to make a photo of you and then you say, Potrebbe farmi una foto per favore?
With this nice question, we actually reached the end of our lesson guys. Thank you very much for listening to us as usual. Please watch us, comment, subscribe and give us some tips about what you want to know next in our lovely Italian language. From ItalianPod101.com, that’s it. Thank you very much for listening and take care. Bye-bye! Have a nice day guys. Bye-bye!