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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! My name is Ilaria. Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. Today, we’re going to talk about how to respond to “How are you?” question in Italian. So let’s start!
1. Come stai? “How are you?”
Let’s say you are meeting your Italian friend that you haven’t seen since a very long time and you want to surprise him with some nice Italian question so you can say, come stai?
2. E tu? “And you?”
And the answer is actually E tu? “And you?”
3. Come sei stato ultimamente? “How have you been recently?”
4. Sto bene. “I'm fine.”
5. Non male. “I am not bad.”
Or also non male “I am not bad”.
6. Anche io sto bene. “I'm fine too.”
7. Mi sento male. “I am feeling bad.”
So mi sento male is definitely when you want to say that you are not right at all.
8. Sto bene. “I'm okay.”
Which is the contrary of saying sto male, say sto bene.
9. Sto alla grande. “I am great.”
Or sto alla grande “I’m great”.
10. Grazie per avermelo chiesto. “Thank you for asking.”
I mean this is something quite nice to say all the time when someone asks you about how you are, you know, you say, I’m fine thanks! And you? Sto bene. Anche io sto bene. Grazie per avermelo chiesto which is like, you know, thank you for asking.
And then of course, if you do not remember, you have to say, thank you for asking in Italian which is like grazie per avermelo chiesto, you can say just say, grazie, just end the thing in a very nice way.
And with this nice universal world, we finish our lesson about how to respond to the “How are you?” question in Italian. So thanks for watching our channel. Please subscribe, watch our next video and give us some tips, ask us what you want to know in our nice Italian language and thank you as usual for watching us. Bye, guys! Have a nice day. Take care!


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