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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Nice to meet you! My name is Ilaria. Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. Today, we’re going to talk about a quite sad topic; the top 10 sad words in Italian. So let’s start!
1. turbato “upset”
Sono turbato per la brutta notizia che ho ricevuto. “I feel upset because of a bad news I received.”
2. solitario “lonely”
Vive come un lupo solitario. “He lives like a lone wolf.”
And we use this kind of expression that someone lives like “a lone wolf” un lupo solitario, when someone spends a long time by himself.
3. triste “sad”
E' triste sapere che non ci vedremo mai più. “It's sad to know that we'll never see each other again.”
4. avvilito “miserable”
Mi sento avvilito da tutta questa brutta storia. “I feel miserable from this whole bad story.”
5. pianto “cry”
A volte la cosa migliore è un pianto liberatorio. “Sometimes the best thing is a liberating cry.”
And we use actually this expression, like, a liberatory cry, when you want to say that you’re very sad and you have just to release your tension, your emotions, so there is the liberatory cry there. In Italian, we say pianto liberatorio.
6. deluso “disappointed”
I suoi genitori sono delusi per la sua scelta di lasciare la scuola. “His parents are disappointed by his choice of leaving the school.”
7. infelice “unhappy”
Ho visto una donna dal volto molto infelice. “I saw a woman with a very sad face.”
8. depresso “depressed”
Dopo aver lasciato la fidanzata era davvero depresso. “After breaking up with the girlfriend, he was really depressed.”
It’s quite similar with discouraged in a way, scoraggiato, but it’s a bit more intense than that.
9. fallito “loser”
Non sentirti un fallito solo per un brutto episodio! “Don't feel like a loser just because of a bad event.”
And actually, this is a very good point because of these sad words really.
10. vergogna “shame”
Metti da parte la vergogna e va' avanti! “Set aside the shame and go on!”
But you can use it actually to say, just to shake up someone’s feeling and you say, come on, you know, do not work, just go on.
And with this word, we actually ended our lesson. Thanks very much for watching. Please subscribe, comment, let us know what you want to know in our lovely Italian language. We will be always happy to help you guys and thanks very much for listening and have a nice day! Bye-bye! Take care!