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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Ciao ragazzi! I'm Desiree, sono Desiree. And today I'm going to tell you 10 phrases that make you look like a fool. So basically avoid them, don't say that, not just in Italian, but in every kind of language.
1. Basta fare quello che dico. "Just do what I say."
Well, at least give explanation. In both cases, if you're the one being told this phrase, I would say both of you look foolish. But yeah, don’t say it.
Basta fare quello che dico. "Just do what I say."
2. È troppo difficile, non provarci nemmeno. "It's too hard, don't even try."
It means you don't trust the other person, you don't have confidence in what they do, and yeah that's bad, I mean that’s sad for you to say that, because you should tell people to try, at least ,and for the one who's being told that, it's like “who do you think I am? I can do something.”
3. Io ho ragione e tu torto. "I'm right and you're wrong."
I would like to make you notice that in Italian, as for the years, for example, for right and wrong too you use the verb “to have”. It’s sad to say that anyway, it's like you don't want to talk about things anymore, you don't want to explain why you think so, and you just say “I’m right you're wrong, that's it.” Io ho ragione e tu torto.
4. Noi non possiamo farlo. "We can't do that."
Trying is the best way to know if you really can or not. There's also an impersonal way to say that, Non si può fare, “it can't be done”; basically “it can't be done”, Non si può fare.
5. Non avrai mai successo. "You will never succeed."
It literally means “you will never have success,” not like an English where you use the verb “to succeed.” If you think that in Italian the word would be succedere, nope! Because succedere means “to happen”, actually.
So yeah, we use the noun “to have success,” avere successo. And that's why you say you will never have success. I wouldn't say that to a friend, not even to, well maybe to my enemy, yes. But I hope I would never have enemy, so, yeah I wouldn't recommend you to use this phrase.
6. Non ho bisogno dei tuoi consigli. "I don't need your advice."
You're a fool in this case because you never know if someone’s advice can help you. On the other hand, if you want to actually ask for advice, just don't use non, that means “not,” so it will be
ho bisogno dei tuoi consigli, "I need your advice."
That’s way better.
7. Non ho bisogno di imparare nient'altro. "I don't need to learn anything anymore."
Non ho bisogno di imparare nient'altro. "I don't need to learn anything else.”
Basically you know everything, and that's always bad to think that you don't have anything more to learn. It's a bad attitude, and also a bad phrase to say I don't need anything, basically like I know everything already.
8. Non sono pronto a imparare l'italiano. "I'm not ready to learn Italian."
You need to be ready for learning Italian? There's always something to learn, so, yeah, especially Italian. So don’t say that you’re not ready, you’re born ready.
9. So tutto. "I know everything."
Saying that you know everything, it really makes you look like a fool, because you can't know everything. Like, it's impossible, there's always something that you don’t know. If you say, I know everything, io so tutto, people will judge you as the one who se la tira, as the one who’s pulling it, means as the one who believes he's on top of everyone.
10. Tu non sei molto intelligente. "You are not very smart."
Yeah, don’t say that, I mean who are you to judge people ,if someone tells you that tu non sei molto intelligente, you can always answer “who are you to judge me?” Chi sei tu per giudicarmi?
It's a good way to distinguish between someone who can be your friend and someone who will never be.
That was the last of the 10 phrases that make you look like a fool. Hope you will never have to deal with them, but I hope you enjoy it, so comment if you want, and remember to subscribe. Ciao! Bye-bye!