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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Ciao ragazzi! In this video you're gonna learn the 10 phrases that you never want to hear. So I hope you will never hear them, but just in case, I will tell you so you know what to expect.
1. Dobbiamo parlare. "We need to talk."
It is really not a good thing because it means probably you did something wrong, so yeah Dobbiamo parlare, is not good.
May be if it's your partner maybe he wants or she wants to break up with you, or if it's your friends and you're still a teenager, maybe they discovered something, some lies you told them. Dobbiamo parlare.
Mi hai mentito. “You lied to me.”
or Ho scoperto una cosa. “I discovered something”,”I got to know something.”
“I got you”, basically.
2. Dovremmo vedere altre persone. "We should see other people."
Dovremmo vedere altre persone.
I would prefer if people told me “I want to break up,” it's better than “I think we should meet someone else.”
3. Grazie per il suo curriculum, tuttavia il posto è già stato assegnato. "Thank you for your resume, however the position has been filled."
And they seemed like, sorry for you. I don't know if they really are, they at least try to be, but you can tell they didn't really care. The first person we chose broke a leg, the second one is going to Hawaii, the third one discovered to be rich and is now gonna party with Barack Obama, or the fourth one was, I don’t know, selected to be the new president of the moon, it means that probably the next is you. In any case we're going to let you know, it's better because at least you don't wait for ages hoping for something.
4. Hai messo su peso recentemente? "Have you gained weight recently?"
Yeah, I mean people don't usually say that, they pretend not to notice, they don't make you notice, or maybe they even tell you “Oh my god, you’re so skinny” but it's not true, they just want to be nice.
5. Hai un capello grigio. "You have grey hair."
Actually maybe it’s “white,” hai un capello bianco. So “you have white hair.”
And that's worse, that means you're aging or that you’re very stress, but it's not something that people want to hear, especially women, I would say. Yeah in Italian, if you talk about all the hair, it’s capelli, and it’s plural. If you’re just talking about one, it’s capello. Yeh, and you can say Il capello è bianco. “The hair is white.”
6. Non sei tu, sono io. "It's not you, it's me."
This is another way to break up, to say it's not your fault, it's not about you, I am the problem, but still, I don't want to stay with you. Basically you don't want to discuss thing, so you're like, yeah it's not you, it's me, that’s it, well then.
7. Oggi non ho i tuoi soldi. "I don't have your money today."
“Today I don't have your money”
Probably you don't want to ask people that had to give you money, to give you money back. It's them who should say something to you, that's why they would say, he or she would say “I don't have your money today” Oggi non ho i tuoi soldi.
But let's hope they have it the next day, so you can say “it's okay give me money when you have it.“
Ok, dammi i soldi quando li hai.
Or “Next time we meet, I want my money.”
La prossima volta che ci vediamo, voglio i miei soldi.
8. Scusa mi sono dimenticato. "Sorry I forgot."
I always prepare a little a small water bottle, bottle of water, PET bottle, and, yeah, within the day I'm so happy “eh we'll have fresh water,” and then nope, I forget, and that's just “Ah! I forget, again.” But it's not sorry in this case.
9. Sei licenziato. "You're fired."
Basically if you didn't do something big, probably no one would tell you that way.It would be like, we need to cut expenses, we to be, I don’t know, to be less people. Not like you're the worst, you're going to be fired. No, probably you did something, you set fire to computers in the office, you made a pool inside the office, and you’re in a fight, I don’t know, something, but usually people don't go "You're fired." Sei licenziato.
It means something big happened.
10. Te l'avevo detto io. "I told you so."
You can also say just te l'avevo detto, or l'avevo detto io, or l’avevo detto.
So Te and io are not really important, the important part is l'avevo detto, means “told you”. So if you were having this fire inside the office, and your colleagues tells you “may be better if you don’t do that, you're going to get fired.” And then the boss comes, and he says “you're fired” Sei licenziato. In that case, that colleague can say Te l'avevo detto io. "I told you so."
That was the last of the words that we don't want to hear, I hope you will actually never hear them. That’s it for today. Thank you for watching, comment and remember to subscribe. Bye-bye! Ciao ciao!