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more daily regular adverb and conjuct-and more verbs conjug

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more daily regular adverb and conjuct-and more verbs conjug

Postby progamerguy » September 25th, 2012 2:37 pm

1. I would like to see a grammar video series where the entire episode category is beginner-to - advanced grammar. I know there are a lot of blogs already that discuss grammar but they are exhausting to read. It could be much more fun in a Vlog or video blog.

2. More words we are likely to use visiting family, good news or bad news, for example, conversation around the dinner table: perhaps someone got a a good job or a character is being shown a beautiful villa near the beach and he or she needs to hire a Notaio to help purchase the property, breakfast in Italy, brioche with coffee, lunch with a panino or tramezzino, situations that we will likely experience while living in Italy or even visiting family, for example, we need medical attention and first the character seeks assistence from the farmacia or perhaps someone like a grandfather or uncle becomes hospitalized or dies in the pronto soccorso from heart attack or a stroke, and we have to write a eulogy.

3. More explanations on which conjuctions and adverbs to use since there are so many conjunctions in Italian and how the meaning can change, for example, allora, magari, dunque, quindi, etc,,,.Useful verbs conjugated in different tenses, the most common and spoken every day. Uscire, seguire, cercare, cambiare, provare etc....

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Re: more daily regular adverb and conjuct-and more verbs con

Postby jessui » October 16th, 2012 4:00 am

Hi progamerguy,
Thank you for your feedback and ideas for new lessons!
A grammar video series is definitely a good idea - this is something we have had in mind actually! I have passed it on to the video team :D
We appreciate your feedback as it helps us create better lessons!

Thanks again,

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