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Postby gaffey7223 » May 6th, 2011 1:04 pm

In the month that I've been using Italpod101, I've become fascinated by the various sounds of /e/ (both accented and unaccented) in the Italian language—/dove è (Lei)?/ and the incredibly subtle sounds of à è in /nazionalità è?/ (Newbie #4) being two of my favorites.

In Newbie #3 'Where Are You From'-Formal track (1:22 minutes into the lesson), Cinzia gives Marco a verbal elbow for his sloppy pronunciation of the Italian verb è, that is, the formal 'is' for Lei. Marco agrees that, strictly speaking, Cinzia's pronunciation is the correct one to strive for (although, his will do in a pinch). Marco then mentions that there will be a forthcoming lesson on this particular subject.

So, did that lesson on the correct pronunciation for /e/ ever come out?


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