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Could we have a culture class on the forthcoming elections?

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Could we have a culture class on the forthcoming elections?

Postby roma55 » March 26th, 2008 1:42 pm

One of the thing with the JPod101 series original phylosophy was that they promised to be topical - like being there in the country. I think the same strength should apply to Italianpod101.

I know loads of non-Italian speaking Italians that are thoroughly baffled by being asked to vote especially sons and daughters of Italians abroad.

OK, before you throw the 'par condicio' at me, let me explain. I am not asking you for electoral broadcasts. Only for a lesson explaining the different set up and vocabulary of elections in Italy. You can keep it explanatory and interesting without getting embroiled in political issues at all. I bet that you will attract a lot of English speaker for the interest of the subject alone.

For example.

1) Italy's laws are very strict about the condition of the voting boot (No holes!) and the pencil used for voting. This is very specific to Italy- here in England there is no protection from overlookers

2) Italians are very strict about vote secrecy - this is not true eslewhere. In England all voting papers are NUMBERED so they could be traced to the voter

3) the par condicio - Italians are obsessed with it but foreigners do not understand the term at all.

4) the mechanism of voting- who is elegible/how you vote/ going there,/presenting your ID/returning the ballot paper well folded etc...

5) the fact that parties are not allowed to hold rallies or speak about their programme for a whole day before the election day.

5) the new arrangements for Italians to vote by post when living abroad

To summarise, it would be possible to present a culture class with useful information on this topic without mentioning any contentious issues. So can we have one please?

Thank you in advance


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Postby marcom » May 1st, 2008 8:46 am

Dear Roma55,
I have to admit I myself do not understand a lot about Italian politics.
We could have a few lessons on this topic but maybe in the future as this topic might be rather difficult for newbie and beginners.

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