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Apps for non-iPhone users?

Posted: April 29th, 2010 9:51 am
by teagreen
I do not have an iPhone but do have a smartphone on the Android network. Is there any hope of getting the apps (listed here on the Android network? I'd be in line to purchase as soon as they were... :)

Or does anyone know of good Italian apps that are available?

Posted: May 11th, 2010 10:05 am
by marcom
Dear teagreen,
Please take a look here! ... werAndroid
We value the Android platform very much and hope to have more applications in the near future.


Posted: May 16th, 2010 6:36 am
by teagreen
Thanks marcom. WordPower doesn't seem to have all the same features available (and it's not ItalianPod101 ;-)) but it's a great start and a really great price. Thanks so much for the link!

Posted: May 16th, 2010 1:07 pm
by marcom
Thank you for following us!
Buona giornata!

Posted: January 22nd, 2011 1:45 am
by funkykizzy
What about for Blackberry!!! I use one for work and I am in dire need of an ItalianPod101 app for Blackberry!

Grazie! :)