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How to do a Lesson- Tips

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How to do a Lesson- Tips

Postby italiaguy8486 » January 17th, 2014 5:26 am

Hi! Luca here,

I have been doing a experiment with the lessons, and found the best way (well, for me) to use the content from this great website.

1- Listen to dialogue 5 times, to help auditory skills and listening comprehension. You will be surprised with the improvement you have made in listening from the first and last time.
2- Go to the lesson transcript (Italian only). Listen to the sentences. Do you notice more words now?
3- Listen to the lesson with Lesson Notes open. Follow along, and repeat as necessary.
4- Listen to the dialogue. You should be able to understand a lot now. Listen 3 times.
5- Use the transcript to listen to the sentences and read, repeating. This is called shadowing.
6- Use the wordlist to recognise words. Listen to the sound, and repeat.
7- Use the flashcards, tests, if you wish to help activate vocabulary.
8- Listen to the dialogue, with NO transcript, and shadow it. This means repeating what the speaker is saying... at the same time. It helps pronunciation and listening. It's hard at first then becomes easier!
9- COMMENT! This helps progress! ;)
10- Put on ipod, and listen to the dialogue lots of times.

I hope this helps!
Plus, to Ofelia, I am starting the new Intermediate season (in addition to upper beginner) to help listening. It is a good series!!!! :)

Love Innovative and it's sites!

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