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6. How long have you been studying Italian?

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Posting in Italian? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Tell us your answer to the question below!


Ciao Tibor,

“Da quando…” means “Since…” or “From when…”
“Da quanto…” means “How long…”
Here are 2 examples:
-Da quando studi italiano? -Studio italiano dal 2012.
-Da quanto studi italiano? -Studio italiano da 3 anni.

I hope the difference is clearer. Feel free to ask more questions.
Thank you,

avatar Tibor

What is the difference of “da quando…” and “da quanto…” ?


Hi Hamzeh!

Da quanto tempo studi l’italiano?
Studio l’italiano da 2 anni!


avatar Hamzeh

Quanto tempo Ti è stato studiando italiano?
Mi è stato studiando italiano per 2 anni


Hi Karima,
uno means 1 as well as ‘a’ (indefinite article together with un una un’)
there is a mistake. sorry. You can either say da cinque anni or per cinque anni depending on the context. But it is wrong to say da per cinque anni.

Vivo a Londra da 5 anni. I ve been living in London for 5 years.

Lavorerò alla Conbipel per 5 anni. I’ll be working at Conbipel for 5 years.

Hope this helps.

avatar Karima


1-you mean that we treat “uno=1″ as “uno=a/an” ??

2-”Da per cinque anni” why did we use “da” and “per” at this sentence??

3-if I said” da cinque anni” without “per”, will it be wrong??

thank you.


Hi Karima,
“Un” is the indefinite article that means a/an and also one. We use it before masculine nouns EXCEPT those that begin with z or s plus a consonant (then “uno” is used).
So even though the word for the number one is “uno”, when it comes before a noun, in most cases it is “un”.

Also, as for da, you can think of “da quanto” as meaning “since when/from when” - so you are basically asking, since when have you been studying Italian? Of course in English it would be more natural for us to ask How long have you been studying Italian? And then the answer uses “da” to match the question. I hope that helps!


avatar karima


one more question, as long as “Da” means “from”, how come we use it but not use “per” which means “for”, I find “per” more logical!!!!!

avatar karima


why did we say”Da un mese” not “Da uno mese”??!!

and “da un anno”not” da uno anno”??!!

and”Da per cinque anni” not” da cinque anni”??

thank you

avatar rowena

Da quasi 5 years ma devo dirvi che c’è un errore in Lesson Notes! Guarda la quinta frase.

Domanda: Can you also use the word “per”? Esempio: Per quasi cinque anni.