How to Speak Italian - Eight Easy Steps

We have made it easy to learn how to speak Italian with our podcasts and their accompanying materials and resources. The sections below will provide you with a quick tour of all of the resources available from ItalianPod101 and how you can use them to improve your Italian. Follow these eight easy steps to using our service and you will be speaking Italian in no time!

Listen to Our Free Podcasts and Accompanying Audio Clips

Listen to our Italian language and accompanying audio clips on your iPod, mp3 player,
computer, or on our website using our built-in player.

Our lessons podcasts and occasional bonus audio are always free to download and listen to.

Go over the vocabulary and practice speaking Italian, focusing on pronunciation and pitch accent with our premium
“Review” audio track.
Review the lesson dialog with our premium “Dialog” audio track to solidify your Italian learning.

Review the Lesson Transcript and Practice Your Pronunciation

Study Italian lessons by comparing the Italian and English transcripts side-by-side and listen to
each line as many times as you need to review and perfect your comprehension.

Refine your Italian speaking skills by recording your own voice and then comparing your
pronunciation to that of our teachers.

Print the Lesson Notes PDF and Take your Studies On-The-Go

See and reinforce what you hear in the podcast as you review the dialogue
transcripts and translation.

Review the lesson vocabulary available in Italian and English.

See detailed grammar explanations for each lesson.

Review and Listen to the Vocabulary Introduced in Each Lesson

Review Italian vocabulary words and phrases covered in each lesson.

Use the clickable audio to practice and reinforce the words.

Add vocabulary you’re not familiar with to your personalized My Word Bank for later review.

Review and Drill Vocabulary with Interactive Flashcards

Quiz yourself on the lesson vocabulary or your Word Bank using our interactive
flashcards. Reinforce recognition not only by sight, but also by hearing others speak Italian using the included audio.

Keep track of your progress and score.

Look up Italian words you are unfamiliar with in our online Italian dictionary.

Test Your Comprehension of Lesson Content, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Test yourself over the lesson material with audio-enabled content quizzes, grammar
quizzes, and vocabulary quizzes. Find out where your weak points are so that you can
go back to review and reinforce by listening to the podcast again or using the powerful
learning center tools.

Master Italian Grammar Construction

Our extensive Grammar Bank offers a collection of grammar points covered in each lesson.
It is searchable by Level, Category, or Italian. Each grammar point comes packed with formation,
example sentences, notes, related expressions, and related lessons.

Interact With Our Vibrant User Community

Share ideas, ask questions and provide feedback about the lessons with our vibrant user
community and team of expert teachers. They’ll help you speak Italian better with each tip and lesson.